Action for Children


  • to co-create a systemic model for service provision in a collaboration between Mental Health and Voluntary Sector organisations.
  • to pilot a robust service delivery model for young people, meeting the RCPsych Practice Standards for Young People with Substance Misuse Problems


  • comprehensive assessment
  • a multi-modal systemic care plan
  • a collaborative approach to work alongside families and other people in the young person’s network and coordinate interventions
  • liaison with local youth services and other agencies
  • Through monthly Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist supervision, we also provide awareness of pharmacological management of substance misuse and the range of coexisting mental health problems.

The service is for under 25 year olds, particularly focussing on 11-18 year olds and targets the following more vulnerable groups listed within the diagram below. The specialist co-ordinator in Action for Children, has a central role to work alongside high risk young people, coordinate interventions and connect with the family and local network. The service integrates a multi-faceted approach, with a range of interventions to support complex, high-risk young people and provide early intervention, and social-engagement approaches in the community.