We offer a Multi-systemic Approach for Young People with complex substance misuse problems and co-existing mental health difficulties.

Our approach is based on Practice Standards set by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to provide treatment for young people who have substance misuse problems, and other complex mental health needs. Structured specialist assessment includes liaison with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, taking a detailed history, encouraging change and inspiring young people to set their own aims and goals. Youthinc will devise a detailed treatment plan and work collaboratively with young people, their parents, carers and support network.

Youthinc follows a multi-systemic approach, which is an intensive family, and community-based treatment programme, which focuses on addressing the environment and systems that impact on young people with substance misuse and mental health difficulties. Youthinc will structure and co-ordinate a number of interventions in this approach.

Youthinc provides structured substance misuse treatment planning, harm reduction and relapse prevention programmes. We offer family systemic psychotherapy, alongside individual psychological therapies – Motivational interviewing, and/or CBT based approaches.

Where indicated we offer Medical assessment and treatment with appropriate medication for a range of common mental health co-morbidities, including ADHD, Depression and Anxiety disorders. Social skills training and access to experiential and vocational learning is also thought through in this holistic and multi-systemic approach.

Youthinc works closely with Local Authority teams to develop these multi-modal treatment plans and co-ordinate the work of various professionals. As any multi-systemic treatment plan is by definition, complex, we find that it is extremely important to keep these key elements as tightly coordinated as possible, with clear plans, regular meetings and good communication.


Substance Misuse Treatment

  • Medical – Youthinc will make an assessment of the pattern and risks of substance misuse and associated mental health conditions. Where necessary a Psychiatrist is able to advise on prescribing issues – for substance misuse treatment and/or mental health treatment
  • Psycho-education sessions build on evidence of learning and understanding of substance misuse, risk and recovery
  • Risk awareness/Problem solving – more focused work to apply learning to manage practical situations in the community (this learning and any tasks to practice can be built into opportunities to practice/apply problem solving strategies in ordinary situations in the community)
  • Smoking – potential to build in opportunities for smoking cessation


Emotional Health and Well being

  • Mental health assessment may identify commonly co-existing problems, such as Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Mood disorders and symptoms of Psychosis or disturbances in perceptions of reality. Co-existing mental health conditions are treated with appropriate medical and psychological interventions, alongside specific Substance Misuse interventions.
  • Anxiety Management Strategies – techniques and approaches to learning to understand patterns of anxiety and stress. Learning relaxation techniques and build confidence and enjoyment of leisure time
  • Impulse Control and Anger Management – learning how to recognise tension, stress and anger. Exploring alternative techniques to manage anger and avoid conflict.
  • Self Image and building confidence – supportive therapeutic work to develop a healthy sense of self and build self esteem.



  • Supporting the development of motivation, achievable goals and aspirations in education – whether at school, College or University.
  • Apply a solutions focused, motivational approach
  • Connect education support plan to home and family life, peer group and social skills.


Social Skills

  • Peer group social skills – an area for development is to gain confidence in social skills within any social/youth group environment in the community
  • Relationship building – we support young people in learning skills to form appropriate peer and adult relationships. Continue to give feedback to encourage and support pro-social behaviour in all settings – initially starting very much within the home and school environments.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Skills – enable young people to develop and test skills in healthy resolution of conflict situations


Family Relationships and Family Therapy

  • Youthinc support parents in creating positive communication and strengthening relationships when young people have substance misuse problems


These 5 elements form the basis of a multi-systemic treatment plan. The Youthinc team will continue to support the implementation, co-ordination and review of this therapeutic approach. Our approach is based on practice standards set by Royal College of Psychiatrists to work with young people who have substance misuse problems, and other complex needs, and their parents or carers. Structured specialist assessment includes liaison with a range of professionals, taking a detailed history, encouraging change and inspiring young people to reach their personal best, and also use of a very detailed care plan using Essential Elements practice standards created by Youthinc.

We offer standard Psychological interventions as well as alternative modes of intervention. Through our collaboration with Spiritus Equis, we offer Equine Assisted Growth and Learning – A therapeutic approach, facilitated by horses at Downswood Stables near Erlestoke.
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