We welcome the research released yesterday by Kings College London confirming that most cannabis available is super strength and can have significant impact on mental health – especially in young people.  We know from case work that young people struggle with this type of cannabis and we have seen more referrals in service.

Whilst availability is a driver for use we would like to recommend a review of drug and alcohol education to young people in non school settings – the recent cuts to youth services really impact on early identification of those young people who might be getting into difficulties.  We know that early intervention will potentially reduce referrals to over stretched CAMHS services.

Families and carers really struggle when their children are affected by this issue – well developed and continued support is vital for them too.

You can read the research here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/resolve/doi?DOI=10.1002/dta.2368

Additional research from Holland outlines the links between cannabis and mental health:-

Changes in cannabis potency and first-time admissions to drug treatment: a 16-year study in the Netherlands